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Letters & Pictures From Clients

Paddington Photo
Bear is Thriving
Paddington - More Puppy Pics
Abbey Update
Gryphon Needs a Companion
More Puppy Pics
Yukon Jack Happy in Southern Indiana
Meghan in the Woods
Jack and Decker Doing Well
Bumper & Boomer Christmas 2004
Duncan is a Wonderful Dog
Great Time With Bumper
Options: Puppy or Adult??
Sorry For Your Loss
The Golden List
Duke Doing Great
Bumper and Boomer - 1st Year Physicals
Remembering Silmaril's Duke Jacob Alexander

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2016 -We're still here!

Many of our loyal Golden owners have wondered where we are.  My apologies for not keeping this site up to date, our puppies seem to be sold even before they are born.. Zoe, pictured here is our next potential mom. She delvered a lovely litter in 2013 and her "kids" have grown into beautiful young adults.  Zoe will be bred to our English import Camrose Jackanory Silmaril (Jack).  Watch for exciting news about this proposed litter and others planned for 2016.



contact us for details.

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Letters and Pictures

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